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Dear VACETS members,

Due to our conflict of schedule, we asked the Board to postpone VACETS election in April. Now is time to hold our annual election. According to VACETS Bylaws, all members of the Board, except the President, anh Hung Nguyen, and the President-elect, anh Hai Tran, will have to stand for election. The Bylaws also appointed me as the Chair of the Election Committee and precludes me from standing for election to provide impartiality.

You will be asked to vote for up to 5 candidates. The candidate with the most votes will be the President-elect in the new term of office.

Below is election 2003 schedule.

ELECTION SCHEDULE May 15, 2003: call for candidates - note that this date is unchanged July 31: close of call for candidates August 15: preliminary list of voters August 22: final list of voters August 25 - September 1 : Q&A with candidates September 2 - September 5 : summary by candidates September 8 - September 12 : voting September 19: results published

The vote will be through [email protected]. The results will be published once on [email protected] and then repeated on [email protected], [email protected] and on Vacets web site

Election 2003 Team:
James Lap: Chair ([email protected] or [email protected])
Tran Thong ([email protected])
Pham Thanh ([email protected])

VACETS needs your participation in this year election. We are looking for people who are willing to serve on the Executive Committee of VACETS. Together with the 2002-2003 President, anh Hung Nguyen, and the past-President, anh Tri Caohuu, you will be running VACETS. This is an opportunity for you to influence the direction of VACETS in the next year. So, please, stand for election to the VACETS Executive Committee by filling out the form below and return it to me at [email protected]

Best regards,

Tri Cao Huu
2002-2003 Past-President and Chair Election Committee



To stand for election, please submit the form to [email protected] with a copy to "James Lap"by July 31, 2003


VACETS Ddo+n u+'ng cu+? / Candidate Form

1. Te^n Ho. / Full name (Family, Given, Middle will all diacritical

2. Pha'i / Gender (Male/Female - Nam/Nu+~):

3. Ddi.a chi? ddie^.n thu+ / e-mail address:

4. Nghe^` nghie^.p / Professional position:

5. Na(m gia nha^.p VACETS / year joined VACETS:

6. So+ lu+o+.c nghe^` nghie^.p va` hoa.t ddo^.ng trong VACETS / short
biography and summary of activities in VACETS:

7. Ho.c va^'n / Education:

8. Te^n (e-mail) ca'c ho^.i vie^n VACETS u?ng ho^. u+'ng cu+? vie^n /
E-mail of VACETS members who endorse your candidacy ... Optional

9. La^.p tru+o+`ng va` chu+o+ng tri`nh cho VACETS / Position statement
about VACETS:


Chi? du`ng bo+?i ban Ba^`u Cu+? / For use by Vote Committee only:

10. Ddia. chi? lie^n la.c va` ddie^.n thoa.i / Address and phone number: