Vacets Chat Room


This applet is connected to Javachat - Port 6666


.n     (change your name to whatever you want)
.c     (move to a private channel named )
.e           (turn on private echos.. normally when you send
              private messages, you can't see what you typed.
              this will repeat your message back to you went it's sent)
.y  (cross channel yelling - when you .y a message it will
              be sent to everyone on the chat server no matter what
              private channel they are in UNLESS that person has
              hushing turned on)
.hu          (toggle whether yell hushing is on or off)
.w           (a long list of who's online with location and flags)
.w   (show info for who's on this line)
.w     (same as .w but only show lines that contain this text)
.f           (short list of who's online)
.a           (list of all channels and who owns them)
.k   (a channel owner can kick out anyone out of that channel)
.l           (a channel owner can lock a channel so no one can enter.
              this will toggle this on or off)
.p   (sends a private message to the person on that
              line number.
.o   (channel owner can give ownership to someone else)
.t           (what time is it on the server computer?)
.u           (how long has this server been up without being restarted?)
.v           (the server version number and if it's in International mode)
.s   (channel owner can squelch users in the channel.
              this will make it so the person on this line cannot
              talk in the channel)
.g   (this will make it so you can't see what the person
              on this line does or types.  ONLY YOU will not be
              able to see.. everyone else will see this person as
:            (this is an emote.  you can use it like this.. if you type
              : dances around, everyone else will see [0]Your_name dances
.b and .hi   (these are beeps and highlights for private message. this
              only works in telnet mode, this is pointless for the applet.
              this will make it so when people send you private messages,
              it will beep at YOU and highlight the message darker.  BTW,
              highlight mode doesn't work on Windows Telnet.. if you don't
              like it, bitch at Microsoft for not being ANSI.)


Channels are totally dynamic on this server.  If you type .cHelp
and there isn't already a channel called help, it will be created
and you will be the owner.  When everyone leaves, the channel 
disappears and the next person who types .cHelp will be the owner.

About .w and user flags:

When you type .w you get a list of user flags, they are:

B - private beeps for this user are on
g - you have this user gagged
G - this user has you gagged
O - this user is the owner of the channel they are in
L - the channel this user is in is locked
S - this user is squelched in this channel