Vietnamese Association for Computing, Engineering

Technology, and Science

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The following election result is in order of the most votes.

1. Ms. Anh Nguyen Duong
2. Mr. Tri Tran
3. Mr. Ban Tran
4. Mr. Do Nhan T.
5. Mr. Tran Tuan A.



According to VACETS Bylaws, Ms. Anh Nguyet Duong with the most votes becomes
President-Elect for term 2002-2003. However, Ms. Duong has regrettfully withdrawn her
appointment due to personal reason. Therefore, Mr. Tri Tran who has the second most votes
is offered the position of President-Elect, and he has accepted the position. The 2002-2003
VACETS Executive Commitee will therefore consists of the following members:


  Hai V. Tran - President-elect
Hung Nguyen - Past-Present
Tri Tran - President-Elect
Anh Nguyet Duong - Board member
Ban Tran - Board member
Do Nhan T. - Board member
Tran Tuan A. - Board member