Inventors: Information & Connection (No 4 - Job Surf Series) - James Lap

*=* In honor of all inventors of Vietnamese descent *=*

Market Thyself # 045
*=* James Lap *=*

We are happy to come back to all VACETS members with another series of Market Thyself articles. We would like to dedicate this specific article to all past inventors and to encourage new inventors in the future.

In the past, when one had an inventive idea, one was not sure if somebody would have the same concept or already had patent. Normally, inventors have to visit a Federal patent and trademark depository library, access a private and expensive online service hoping to find some answers. It is too much time-consuming. Thanks to the Internet. Now with a few mouse clicks away you can do online patent search for information needed and connect to other inventors, potential inventors and engineers as well. Following are some useful web sites that can help you on your way of new inventions.

You can start surfing inventor forums and online patent database created by IBM at You also can find online support groups, chat rooms, bulletin boards, patent and trademark databases at all the following web sites. lists manufacturers and brand names by Thomas Publishing company. is online version of the magazine of the United Inventors Association and lists a number of resources, including timely news for inventors. is a web site where inventors can get access to a number of resources. is a resource-studded web site.

You will find useful information at the sites for the National Inventors Hall of Fame at

and the United Inventors Association of the United States of America at is a database containing text and images for patents and registered and pending trademarks. is a web site where inventors can get access to a number of other resources. offers a number of links to services for inventors. is an online inventor network, a nonprofit association for inventors in Capital area: Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Finally, if you are more careful, you might surf

to avoid invention promotion firms that might generate some complaints.

Happy surfing and inventing.

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