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    US Department of State: FY 2001 Country Commercial Guide: Vietnam  

    This Country Commercial Guide (CCG) presents a comprehensive look at Vietnam's commercial environment, using economic, political and market analysis. The CCG's were established by recommendation of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC), a multi-agency task force, to consolidate various reporting documents prepared for the U.S. business community. Country Commercial Guides are prepared annually at U.S. Embassies through the combined efforts of several U.S. government agencies...

    UN Report on Information Technologies (IT) in Vietnam (1995) 

    The main thrust of this report is to convince not only governmental decision-makers, but also industrial managers, IT professionals, investment bankers, and others in Vietnam that more coordination is needed to effectively and creatively diffuse modern information technology ... 

    Doing IT Business in Vietnam (1996) 

    Vietnam's - industry setup in next 5 to 7 years would be somewhat like Taiwan - although at present most major companies are state run shows and may not exploit their potential fully due to extra discipline required to work under a centrally planned government. But things are changing fast. ... 

    Global Warming &Vietnam - A Briefing Document 

    The purpose of this document is to inform policy makers, community leaders and other concerned individuals in Vietnam and elsewhere about one of the global environmental issues which will affect the lives and livelihoods of the people of Vietnam in years and decades to come ... 

    Vietnam - Post and Telecommunications (85-95) 

    The telecommunications  industry is in its infancy in Vietnam. There were an official Government statistics available concerning the size of the Vietnam market for telecommunications. The number of telecommunications sites is small for over 75 million people in Vietnam. This page provides data related to Post and Telecommunicationof Vietnam during the period of 1985-1995. 

    Software Rights in Vietnam 

    Vietnam is moving to update its laws dealing with intellectual property rights. New regulations issued by the government will move the country closer to international standards for copyright protection -- and hopefully help reduce extensive use of illegal computer software... 

    Information About Vietnam 

    Vietnam is a densely populated country that has had to recover from the
    ravages of war... Substantial progress has been achieved over the past 10 years in moving forward from an extremely low starting point. Economic growth continued at a strong pace during 1996 with industrial output rising by 14% and real GDP expanding by 9.4%. Foreign direct investment rose to an estimated $2.3 billion for the year, up by about 30% from 1995... 

    Technology and Science Regulations in Vietnam 

    The Vietnamese government created a number of regulations to protect their technology and science.  However, most foreign investors do not satisfy with the Vietnamese Government laws protected foreign investments and copy right in Vietnam. 

    Doing Information Technology Business in Vietnam 

    ... After energy production, telecommunications ranks second on the government's list of priority infrastructure development projects. Since opening up to foreign investment, the government has had no shortage of bids from telecommunication companies and now that the US has entered the scene, the competition is even stiffer. In a country with only 200,000 telephone lines, 6,800 public phone boxes, 8,000 fax machines, 12,000 mobile phones, 50,000 pagers and 500 magnetic card phone boxes, the market potential is vast. At present, Vietnam has only one telephone for every 350 people, 80 percent of whom reside in rural areas. Some predict that the need for telecommunications in the countryside could amount to US$200 million in possible sales over the next five years.... 

    Telecommunications -Related Institutions in Vietnam  

    ... A lot of the laboratory exercises and student practice work are based on electronic tube models. "These were relevant twenty years ago, but now they have only historical value," shrugs Pham.  

    "Our training efforts need external financing to become fruitful and to help promoting the process of industrialization and solving the poor conditions in Vietnam."... 

    "In an under-developed country like Vietnam, our training program has shown many shortcomings," says Professor Hoang Trong Yem, Rector of the Hanoi National Polytechnic University. "There has been too much theory and too little practice and students rarely have access to modern industry."  

    Vietnam- Taxation and Fee

    ...Viet Nam is now facing many development challenges, and at the same time experimenting with the creation of institutions, systems, regulations and the mind-set needed to effect its transition to a market economy. In support of these interests, Vietnam has a number of regulations related to taxation and fee.

    A Lawyer's Guide to Vietnam

    ...After 10 years of comprehensive reforms, Vietnam has undergone profound and enormous changes and has made numerous achievements in all aspects of social life... By the end of 1995, investment licenses were granted to more than 1,600 projects with the total registered capital in the billions (US$) from more than 900 companies in 50 countries and territories in the world. The amount of capital that has actually been brought into operation is US$ 5,685 million, creating direct employment for 90,000 people and indirect employment for hundreds of thousands of people in capital construction, production of construction materials and services for activities of economic co-operation and investment...

    Vietnam: Law On Foreign Investment Promulgated 

    This Revised Law on Foreign Investment in Vietnam was passed by the Vietnamese Government on November 1996. This law expands economic cooperation with foreign countries to serve the cause of industrialization, modernization, and national economic development on the basis of the efficient exploitation and use of various resources of Vietnam. This law carries stipulations governing direct foreign investment in Vietnam. 

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